Greatest Commercial EVER!!

This commercial for beans is Super Bowl worthy.. WATCH IT NOW!

Congrats to the Cinesite crew who put together this masterpiece…

Client: Cinesite
Written and Directed: Alvise Avati
Producer: Eamonn Butler
VFX Supervisor: Richard Clarke
Art Direction: Jean-David Solon
Concept Art: Andrea de Martis
Modelling and Rigging: Grahame Curtis, Royston Willcocks, Richard Boyle
Animation: Alvise Avati, Eamonn Butler, Peter Clayton, Tom O’Flaherty, Adam Bailey
Texture Artists: Nicolette Newman, Gary Newman
FX Animation: Andreas Vrhovsek, Luke Wilde
Lighting and Compositing: Zave Jackson, Nikos Gatos, Jonathan Vuillemin, Dan Harrod, Joel Bodin
Editorial: William Marshall-Wilkinson
Christopher Learmonth

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