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Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health

For years, I’ve been saying that cell phones will be the Cigarette of our generation. I use my cell phone a TON! It’s my main link to clients, email, etc. That said, I won’t allow my kids to use cell phones on a regular basis.. If I’m talking to my Dad, I may let them […]

Husband loses cell phone containing nude photos of his wife. Pics find their way to the web.

WOW! Talk about a husband getting himself in the hot seat! Tina Sherman though it would be a good idea to send sexy photos of herself to her husbands cell phone. Imagine her suprise and fear when she found those photos posted to the internet after her husband left his cell phone at an Arkansas […]

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Scientists compare cell phone cancer risks to Cigarettes

The MOAB (Mother of all Bailouts) has taken up so much discussion in the media that this interesting/scary story was lost in the noise. US Scientists have alerted congress to the risks of using cell phones and their possible link to brain cancer.  They discussed that the older studies were flawed becuased the classified regular […]

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Cancer expert warns of cell phone risks

AP released a VERY interesting article today entitled “Pittsburgh cancer center warns of cell phone risks”. Click HERE to read. The FDA claims that there is no risk in using cell phones but Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute diagrees. He has issued a memo to his 3,000 faculty […]

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