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TSA is out of control: TSA pat-down leaves bladder cancer survivor covered in urine

Something has to be done about the TSA goons and their attack on our freedoms. The terrorists truly have won when our government lives in such fear. A retired special education teacher on his way to a wedding in Orlando, Fla., said he was left humiliated, crying and covered with his own urine after an […]

TSA pats down screaming 3 year old girl. Suggests playing touching game.

We teach our children to never allow anyone to touch them in inappropriate ways or in private areas and the TSA comes along and starts patting down children in the areas that they have been taught to protect!  In this video the TSA rep said they agents should try to turn the pat down into […]

Article: Airports consider congressman’s call to ditch TSA

The invasive search techniques that the TSA has recently implement are FORTUNATELY causing a backlash against the bloated Federal department. ATLANTA (AP) — In a climate of Internet campaigns to shun airport pat-downs and veteran pilots suing over their treatment by government screeners, some airports are considering another way to show dissatisfaction: Ditching TSA agents […]

Pilot Refuses Full-Body Scan,Says TSA Doesn’t Make Travel Safer

  Last week in Las Vegas, I was asked to go into the full body scanner and refused. I was subjected to a public pat down that literally touch EVERY part of my body.. I applaud this ExpressJet pilot for taking one for the team and raising awareness for the frequent molestation that travels get […]

Standing the SPOT where the Times Square car bomb was parked

    Philip Nelson standing in the spot where the Nissan Pathfinder was parked for the attempted bombing of Times Square. You can still see glass on the ground from when the bomb diffusing robots broke out the windows of the truck. Just on the other side of the phone booth is 1515 Broadway. Home […]

Natalie & Sage sing the National Anthem

Two of my daughters love singing the national anthem! Our oldest daughter started off singing the Star Spangled Banner a few years ago and our 5 year old wanted to get in on the fun. Tonight, Sage and Natalie sang the national anthem at the Upwards Basketball awards ceremony. Enjoy.  

CNN Poll: Majority says government a threat to citizens’ rights

CNN Just posted their results to a recent poll and their results were very interesting! Fifty-six percent of people questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Friday say they think the federal government’s become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens. Forty-four percent […]

Ron Paul calls Ben Bernanke the greatest counterfeiter of all time.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul goes head to head with FOX news about Ben Bernanke and his money printing presses.