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Pilot Refuses Full-Body Scan,Says TSA Doesn’t Make Travel Safer

  Last week in Las Vegas, I was asked to go into the full body scanner and refused. I was subjected to a public pat down that literally touch EVERY part of my body.. I applaud this ExpressJet pilot for taking one for the team and raising awareness for the frequent molestation that travels get […]

From the Big Brother Files – Wisconsin Police can use GPS tracking without warrant.

Another scary story to followup my Patriot Act story from last week. Chicago Sun Times reports…. As the law currently stands, the court said police can mount GPS on cars to track people without violating their constitutional rights — even if the drivers aren’t suspects. Officers do not need to get warrants beforehand because GPS […]

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Feds to use GPS in cars to track your mileage

Transportation Secretary and former Illinois senator Ray LaHood has proposed a replacement to the federal fuel tax. He would like to tax you by the mile, using the GPS chip implanted in most new cars. Read the article HERE

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