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Interview: FOX News First – San Antonio – Stream Or Die

NewTek kicked off our NewTek TriCasts America tour at the Alamo in San Antonio, TX and FOX was there to cover the action!

The SCARIEST site on the internet

YOU MUST CLICK THIS LINK! This is truly the scariest website on the internet.. Two interesting things to look at. In the first section – Debt per Citizen In the bottom section – Liability per Citizen To view the site click HERE Please share this link with everyone you know. It really puts the outrageous […]

PR: NewTek TriCaster™ to Live Stream 2009 UFC Fan Expo

NewTek TriCaster™ to Live Stream 2009 UFC Fan Expo SAN ANTONIO, Texas – July 09, 2009 – NewTek Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading video and 3D animation products, today announced that TriCaster™ portable live production and virtual set system will be used to live stream the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC) Fan Expo, July 10 and 11 […]

TriCaster used by FOX News to webcast “the Strategy Room”

Just got off the phone with my pals at FOX News and today they launched a new WEB show called “The Strategy Room” and it’s being powered entirely by TriCaster PRO. You can even see the TriCaster on the set. It’s over the right shoulder of the host (Your left side of the screen) The […]

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Anyone got singles? Fox News Reporter gets a tip live on the air!

The joys of live television.. You never know what may happen. During a live report, a Fox News reporter impressed a fan so much that he felt the need to tip her a buck!

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