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Interview: Russell Brand turns tables in unprofessional MSNBC interview.

Comedian Russell Brand makes an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.. Things don’t start off well when the host makes a few condescending remarks which is just the beginning of the downward spiral this interview takes. Kudo’s to Russell Brand for staying interesting and funny in spite of the poor interview.. 5:30 it starts getting interesting […]

Ultimate Parenting Guide

With so many of my friends having children, I wanted to share this ultimate guide to parenting with you.. I’ll go ahead and warn you, some of this may be controversial and disturbing.

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You, Your Mate and your Johnson – Celebrate your Johnson!

It’s funny how time changes the meaning of things! Enjoy this flashback to the 70’s when enjoying your Johnson in public was not only accepted but also encouraged! You and your Johnson. A way of life for over 50 years!

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GI Joe makes the Kill!

With all the excitement surrounding the new GI Joe Movie. I just had to share this AWESOME GI Joe pic I found on the internet! Thanks to Sunny Gault for alerting me to the funny pic!

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