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Happy Star Wars Day.. May the 4th Be With You!

As May 4th aka Star Wars Day comes to a close, I thought it would only be fitting to share the Star Wars “Party with My Friends” Sing Along! May the 4th Be With You until next year!

Early Viral Video: Dancing Baby

The Dancing Baby video aka Oogachaka Baby swept through the internet like a wildfire and even catipulted the dancing baby to a co-starring role on “Ally McBeal”.. Interesting piece of NewTek trivia.. The dancing baby scenes for Ally McBeal were done by NewTek’s VP or 3D, Rob Powers.  

This is just too WEIRD not to share..

This is just TOO Weird not to share! From the guys that brought you “Spiderman has made you GAY” LINK HERE comes the hit song “I’m Pissing on your car”. LOL.. It’s actually kind of catchy.. Enjoy

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