Backstreet Boys & Celebrity Apprentice

Not sure how many of you out there are Apprentice fans but during this weeks episode, Trace Adkins and Piers Morgan were tasked with planning and executing a Celebrity Benefit Concert and Auction featuring the Backstreet Boys..

Backstreet Boys

If you are like me, I was suprised that the Backstreet Boys were even still around. Not that I was a fan during thier initial outing..

Wow.. could these guys have looked any more petty than they did. I don’t see how they got much PR value out of the Apprentice appearance. Especially with they way their road manager treated Trace Adkins. How can they not know they are working with “Celebrity” Apprentice and that the people planning the event would be celebrities? Coming into a charity event making inane requests on their rider just isn’t cool.. I loved how Trace Adkins handled the situation.. Rather than getting an ego trip, he was simply shocked by their inflexibilty and “fullness with themselves”…

Trace Adkins

The phrase of the day is… “What the hell is Wheatgrass”?

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