Interview: Texas Lottery “Lucky Day” Singer, Camille Cortinas

Lucky Day Signer, Camille Cortinas

Lucky Day Signer, Camille Cortinas Photo Copyright - Megan Cortinas

A few weeks ago, I did a post about Camille Cortinas and her insanely catchy “Lucky Day” project for Texas Lottery. Since that blog post, my website has been HAMMERED with people looking for more info on this extremely talented singer…. Based on the overwelming response from the readers of my blog, I tracked her down and she was kind enough to give me a quick interview. Enjoy..

PN: The Texas Lottery “Lucky Day” seems to be generating a LOT of buzz for you. What doors has that project opened?

CC: I’m getting to do a blog interview, this is sooo exciting! We have had cd sales based on people searching for the singer of the Texas lotto ad. It’s unreal and such a huge compliment to be “googled”. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about the campaign, and can only point the finger at Juniper. They have such brilliant composers who write real songs that you would actually want to hear. Genius.

PN: Tell me about how you got involved on the Lucky Day campaign..
CC: I had been working with Juniper Studios doing vocal work for commercials. Lotto was one of many clients. They had several different people doing different spots for Texas Lotto, and I was one of the “lucky” ones who go in on it.

PN: Who wrote “Lucky Day”?
CC: That would be the ever talented James Henderson. Some might know that name from the dallas band Baboon. He’s an amazing writer, cool guy and is also responsible for the infectious tune in the lotto “Jackpot” commercial.

PN: Are you strictly a solo artist or do you have a band?
CC: I’m in a band called Fishing for Comets. We’ve been privileged to receive Dallas music awards for “best folk acoustic” two years in a row. I play and write music with people i consider best friends, and fortunate enough to make a little money along the way. We’re working on an upcoming release that should be out this summer

PN: For you NEW fans of Lucky Day, can you share some of your musical influences?
CC: The Innocence Mission, The Shins, Cat Stevens, Joni, Natalie Merchant, with a hint of Leonard Cohen.
I’m also a huge lover of local music, some can be found among the bands on this calender at

I fall hard for a song and won’t stop playing it for days. The ballad of peter pumpkinhead by XTC took over my life for a week. I have a new found appreciation for Led Zeppelin and The Who! It was kinda forced, but much needed.
What was the last concert you attended? wow. i see live music 3-4 times a week mostly local bands. About 3 years ago I saw Lucinda Williams front row and knocked me off my feet.

PN: How did you get started in music?

Award winning Dallas artist, Camille Cortinas

Award winning Dallas artist, Camille Cortinas. Photo Copyright - Megan Cortinas

CC: Oh my….. My brother plays music, and when I got my first guitar at 17 he wrote out chord charts and helped me through. I would sit in my room for hours, frustrated trying to master singing and playing at the same time. I think i’m almost there….. so much to learn still.

PN: In addition to your studio work, you an accomplished live musician. Do you have a gig horror story you could share?
CC: We were playing a venue that well… we shouldn’t have been playing. The crowd was already boozed out of control and one tough guy kept trying to jump on the stage. I was so frustrated that the next time he tried to hop up I kicked him with my Harley Davidson boot. ….the saddest part was that we were playing “sonnets” one of our originals and the line i was singing as i was kicking was “you look at me the way you gaze at the moon” . It was pretty romantic.

PN:For fans of “Lucky Day”, where can they learn more about you and your upcoming projects?


cd’s are available here:
Itunes, and

Thanks a ton for your interest and to those who take the time to read this!
camille cortinas

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