Early Review of GI Joe – Ain’t it Cool News

As a GI Joe fan since the day I was born, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the GI Joe movie.. Here is an early review of the movie from the legendary film site, Ain’t it Cool News.

I was expecting this movie to be far more jokey, tons of cheese and really serious eye-rolling while groaning. Instead, what I got was a fairly straight adaptation of the script, which I always thought would work as a serviceable all-ages GI JOE movie. Although, this is a bit more violent than I was expecting. Blades can cut, death does happen in this universe, but it isn’t anything out of whack with the rating. I don’t believe there’s any foul language – and all flirtation is kept in very good tastes (ahem, BAY!)

Read the entire review HERE

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