Fail: Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine

Wow.. This really has been a week of technology failures. First I get the Red Ring of Death on my XBox 360 now I’m challenged with the well known F11 error on our Whirpool Duet Washing Machine.

Overpriced and poorly designed

Overpriced and poorly designed

I’ve always purchased used washers and dryers and have great luck. Usually the used appliance will last 5 years or so.. 2 years ago, my wife wanted a Whirlpool Duet. She said it was more efficient and since appliances last so long, would save us TONS of cash over the life of the washing machine. Being almost a GRAND, I realized it would take MANY years to make up the difference between the cost of the Duet and a $200 used washing machine.

Imagine my surprise when after only 2 years of use, it starts “acting up” and gives us a error code. After doing a search on for the F11 error code, I learned that this is a frequent problem with the Whirlpool Duet washers and requires a new CPU module which costs over $150. $150!! That is almost as much as I would have spent on a used washing machine…

We’ll I’m already into the Whirlpool Duet for a grand, and really didn’t have much choice other than to fix it.

Learn from this cautionary tale and beware of the latest new high tech, energy efficient, money saving appliances and go for the used “old school” unit that doesn’t look as cool but runs forever.

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