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Google just RUINED my Week! Entire YouTube channel Deleted!

I’ve been dealing with Google/YouTube login madness all afternoon.. After hours of pain and frustration, I just found out that when deleting my extra G+ account, it deleted my entire YouTube channel.. WHAT?! Years of videos are gone.. POOF… Google.. Right now… I can’t express how much I hate you!!!!!! Sorry to my friends who […]

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Did the iPhone finally jump the shark?

Did iPhone finally “Jump the Shark”? When Steve Jobs was alive, iPhone was all about polish and ease of use… Since his death, they have released two major features while still in “beta” Siri and the new Maps application. Check out this scathing review of the new Apple Maps app from Mashable. HERE

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Fail: Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine

Wow.. This really has been a week of technology failures. First I get the Red Ring of Death on my XBox 360 now I’m challenged with the well known¬†F11 error on our Whirpool Duet Washing Machine. I’ve always purchased used washers and dryers and have great luck. Usually the used appliance will last 5 years […]

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XBox 360 – 3 Red Lights of DEATH!!

I’ve heard horror stories of XBox 360 owners around the globe who have been hit by the “Red Ring of Death” aka Three red LEDs. Tonight I joined those ranks. After calling Microsoft for a repair, I learned that my XBox was out of warranty and the repair would cost $100!! A $400 game console […]